Takatsuki Plant

Overview of Takatsuki Plant

For 100 years, Develop and manufacture plating solutions

Panoramic View

Panoramic View

Technical Center

Technical Center


(1)Total business support of surface treatment

  1. Consistently support for development, manufacturing, analysis of plating solution and failure analysis.

(2)Together with customer in development and manufacturing

  1. The place to invite customer and solve the problem by labo-test or to analyze it.

(3)Dispatching engineer staff for make-up operation and conditioning.

  1. Quickly dispatch expert engineer to domestic or foreign and support you with responsibility.
Surface analyzer Equipment

Surface analyzer Equipment

Features of our products

(1)Electro-less Pd plating solution

  1. Longer bath life and more stable of deposition rate than those of conventional one.
  2. Excellent shear strength in high speed shear test.
  3. Suitable for PWB application.

(2)Electro Rh plating solution

  1. The only Rh plating solution in the world that has compressive stress(H series)
  2. Wide application for electric pars or medical parts of MEMS
  3. Developed for low contact resistance(F series)

(3)LF chemicals

  1. Cu anti-tarnish agent (30% share in WW)
  2. Anti-EBO agent
  3. Adhesion promoter between Epoxy and LF

Structure prototype of MEMS with Rh

Medical ring

Medical ring