Super Thick Precious Metal Plating Solution (Rh)

Rhodium Sulfate Plating(H-8,F-20)

Main characteristics


① The super-thickness of 100μm due to the compressive stress.
② MEMS applications due to the super-thickness.


① Thick plating is possible.
② Less than 10μΩ・cm of specific electrical resistance.

Super Thick Precious Metal Plating Solution (Rh)

Characteristics of the Rhodium plating

  1. Low-resistance
  2. Super- thickness
  3. Do not react with Tin.
  4. Abrasion resistance


    H-8 F-20 Other
Thickness μm ~100 ~10 ~2
Internal stress MPa -370 +180 +550
electrical resistance
μΩ・cm 65 9.2 -
Hardness Hv 930 1020 800~900

Environmentally friendly

Used in the medical field because Rhodium is a metal that is not likely to induce allergic reaction.

Possible to recycle metal because of noble metal.

No toxic material use.


  • Electronic parts and contact parts (Probe-card,Probe-pin,Reed switch)
  • Precision machinery parts by electro-forming (MEMS:Micro Electro Mechanical Systems )
  • Optical parts (Reflector)
  • Industrial parts
  • Medical field (Filter for mammography,X-rays Impervious marker)